Many health conditions, especially chronic diseases that emerge in middle age, are often due in part to unhealthy lifestyle choices.  In addition to the more obvious habits involving the use of tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs, a person's diet, physical activity, and stress levels can strongly influence his or her ultimate health condition. Factors such as spending an inordinate amount of time sitting at computers or doing other repetitive stress activities can also directly affect the state of one's health and well-being.
Counseling on diet, exercise, stress reduction, and ergonomics in the work place and at home, as well as natural therapies, are an important part of treament programs for a wide variety of health conditions. Paying attention to these factors can make a huge difference in the effectivness of your treatment program.   At Acupuncture Integrative Therapy, lifestyle counseling is offered to assist you in evaluating the many factors that influence your health status.  A personalized plan is developed, with your input, to improve your lifestyle habits which will lead to an optimal state of health and well-being.
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